Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Activity Resource Websites

Who doesn't need a list of places to go with great ideas for kid crafts! Here are a few we have come across.

Family Fun --An absolutely fantastic source for projects and activities.
Kids Craft Weekly --They haven't been weekly lately, but you can check back issues and find fun stuff.
Kid Builders --This program is set up through Orange County Children and Families organization. I have the ages 3, 4-5 Binder and use the ideas in it.
Letter of the Week --This mom has set up a pretty comprehensive set of curriculum for her kids.
First School --This site has a lot of resources, but I tend to get confused and turned around in there sometimes.
Making Learning Fun --Printable resources for play and learning.
Martha Stewart Kids Crafts --It's Martha, what more can I say.
The Toy Maker --You can print one of their items, then cut it out and fold it up to become a toy.
Origami for Kids --I'm not sure the kids can actually do it, mine can't, but they enjoy the finished products.
Illustration Friday --Not really a children's craft site, but they throw out an art theme each week and ask for submissions. It can be fun to participate.
Montessori Mama --I'm a fan of the Montessori Method and this mom catalogs some of the fun activities she does with her youngest child mixed in with her musings.
My Kids Art -- A mom's blog about the art she does with her kids.
Wondertime--and here is the direct link to their list of crafts.
Preschool--this is a program that originates in Australia I think. They give some imaginative craft and activity ideas for preschool age kiddos on their website.
Preschool Education--I haven't checked this one out too much. I think they might have a lot of advertising/products to buy. But there are some clever ideas to be gleaned. - free printables

Again, our goal is to have a continually updated list so you can check back often and see if there are any new websites to check out. But that means we need your help in updating the list. So, if you have other websites you visit for ideas, activities or crafts, please put them in the comments and we will be sure to add them to this list!


teachingtinytots said...

l love preschool express too!

Isabel's Mommy said...

I have trying to incorporate a little Spanish in our play & discovery. I found some coloring sheets that help at:

Isabel's Mommy said...

Also, this website has a lot of great (free) printables: