Monday, May 5, 2008

Theme of the Week Challenge

This week's theme is a bit broad, but we like it this way. The theme is families. If you choose to, you can focus on mothers in particular in honor of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, May 11. As mothers, our families are so important to us. Let's teach our children why.

Some random thoughts Deneal and I had are: talking about your family tree and ancestors, teaching them about how their aunt and uncle's children are their cousins, great mothers in history, appreciating different kinds of families, understanding the roles of everyone in a family, and making your family stronger.

You can do something as simple as sing "I love Mother, she loves me". You can do something as elaborate as creating a pedigree chart/family tree by drawing or sewing a tree onto a piece of cloth and each little leaf represents someone in your family (if you are going to do that, you deserve a medal!) We are going to make Mother's Day cards for my mom and my husband's mom and stepmom, so I'm sure I'll post about that later this week. (If any of you three are reading this, SURPRISE!)

For a little laugh only somewhat related to this theme: my husband was talking to my children about heroes in church history. Then my five year old said, "Daddies can be heroes too!" My husband said, "Yes, and so can moms." E said, "Really? They really can?" He seemed skeptical! I want to be a hero in his eyes so I'm not quite sure how to help him figure that out. Maybe that's what we'll work on this week...

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