Monday, July 28, 2008

LLL: Brainstorming

In lieu of the Theme of the Week, today we are opening up the LLL Think Tank and inviting your ideas. (We always want your ideas, but don't worry, this will be easier.)

The themes we have selected in the past have generally come from our own family and personal experiences--what do we want our kids to learn, what problem areas are we noticing, what are the absolute favorites in our house right now, what holidays are on the calendar, etc.

This week we would really love to hear what topics are important to you. During the next few days we hope you will leave a comment and share one or two or ten possible ideas you would like us to introduce and explore in our weekly themes. It takes less than two minutes of your time, and it helps us to better serve you, our wonderful readers.

This is also a great time to let us know if you have had problems in any other area of the blog. I know that at least one reader had some troubles commenting. I imagine there may also be some questions about the new Mister Linky too. If you need help or have helpful thoughts, drop us an email:

So don't be shy, we are counting on all your suggestions!


Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

I'm new here, but very excited to have found you! I (try to consistently) participate in a weekly unplugged project over at Unplug Your Kids and would love to take on your weekly challenge as well! What fun!

Before school ended, we created an "I'm Bored" box for the summer. My oldest son and I came up with the ides for the box and whenever there was downtime, he could pull an idea from the box for us to do. You can find my list of topics, here:

There are 63 of them. I don't know everything you've done here on your site, but maybe you'll be able to use some of my "bored" ideas. :)

Looking forward to your weekly challenges! Thanks for hosting! And, nice to meet you!

Dillon and Christie said...

I don't know if you wanted to have comments here or emailed, so I'll just do it here:). I would love to have some ideas on helping my children get along. They are CONSTANTLY around each other, so I can understand that there is some fighting, but my younger son is an extrovert, and my older son is an introvert, so the extrovert always wants to be around my older son...I just want some ideas on helping them get along and ways to get them to play alone sometimes so they aren't always together:). Thanks for the great website ladies:).

mommomto2pumpkins said...

like i post on my blog i love activities that go along with a book!

Christian said...

It feels like I serve the same 4-5 lunches day in and day out. I could use some ideas for kid-friendly, quick, but still healthy, recipes for lunchtime.

Britt said...

Ditto on the recipes. I'd also like tips on good children's books. Maybe a children's book club or something.

mommomto2pumpkins said...

oh neat a chldrnes bookl club! that sounds cool like a book a month or week or an author a month with activities, questions for the mommies and such!!! great idea!!

LizzyP said...

I was going to suggest "activities that will really wear out your child so that bedtime is a breeze" and then I realized that those activities wear me out, too! So my suggestion is "Exercising WITH Kids".

Jamie said...

I know not everyone is able to have a garden at this time, but I've been having lots of fun (and frustration) with my kids as we learn about gardens. We love weeding. (Sometimes we don't always get just the weeds.)
And recently, they have been really good at picking and eating peas in our garden. It is fun for them to see the plants and "fruits" grow. The have also learned how to pop open the pods and eat directly from the pods. We will get to pick other veggies soon. Peas are just first.
Does that count as a suggestion?

Tricia said...

I am not sleeping. I would love ideas on real ways to gt my kids to sleep (and breaking the old sleep habbits). I know there are a million books etc but filtering through them is exhausting in and of itself.