Monday, June 2, 2008

Theme of the Week Challenge

Right now, as you read this, I (Erin) am over 1000 miles away from my current home, searching for a new home to purchase. I love the new Blogger function of scheduled publishing! Anyway, I started realizing that my kids' bedtime routine is going to be pretty messed up the entire 10 days we are gone.

Also, if you remember from a couple of weeks ago, we had a poll on the sidebar asking what time you get your children to bed. I wanted to know whether you had firm bedtimes, and frankly, I was surprised so many of you have your children in bed before 7:30. I'm pretty jealous!

So this week, I decided to make the theme of the week bedtime routine. I want to know what books you read, who brushes their teeth (them or you), whether you sing songs, take baths, and just how you tuck your precious ones into bed at night. I know that routine helps children feel secure, and I also learned (well, remembered; I already knew this) in church last Sunday that traditions strengthen family ties. What works for you, and what do you do that might help or benefit the rest of us?


Tricia said...

Our routine consits of me brushing his teeth, prayers and then a short snuggle in the dark while I tell him a story. All in all it is good because it's quick and easy. The part I don't like is he insits on having both his pacifier (still at 3) AND either juice or milk in a sippy cup. I really want to get rid of the liquid if not both vices. He does drink it, then put the plug in and go to sleep so it doesn't stay in his mouth like a bottle. It doesn't usually cause a wet bed. I just hate it. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

CAB said...

Just a quick reply to what Tricia mentioned - when it was time to get rid of the bedtime drink, we weaned our little ones off of it just like we weaned them from nursing the year prior. Imagine using the same size cup each night (if you don't already). Week 1 - reduce amount in cup to 3/4 full each night. Week 2 - reduce to 1/2. Week 3, reduce to 1/4 - I know, it isn't much, but that's the idea, right? Week 4 - no more cup - DISTRACT DISTRACT DISTRACT with a book, whatever, any time mention is made of the drink/cup/etc. and BE STRONG :) After a few nights, he will adjust. It might take a little longer at 3, we nursed the first year, then did a sippy at night before bed for a year, so mine were 2 when we got rid of the nighttime cups. Best wishes!

Bee said...

Our bedtime routine is my favorite part of the day. Not because my kids are going to bed! But because I get to spend time with them in a way I know benefits our family. I have 3 children ages 5, 3 and 1.
teeth brushed
jammies on

I start with baths...(shower for my oldest)...jammies on and teeth brushed. We start with a song from the Children Song Book. I let them choose. We sing it together than we kneel for prayers (Hopefully my husband makes it home from work for this part!). After prayer we read from the scriptures and work on memorizing the Articles of Faith. For the scripture part we read the summary on the back of the Gospel Art Kit (GAK) pictures. Most recently we've been reading the children's Book of Mormon Stories available through the church distribution. Then they get to choose 2 stories. Now that my daughter can read this is when she works on her 10 min of reading. She reads the first story than we read the second story. We tuck them in bed with a hug and a kiss and turn the lights out!
I have to say this is something we have done for years now and have put as a family focus. Both my husband and myself are consistent with this routine.
Other parts of our life may get out of wack (messy house, cold cereal for dinner, etc) BUT we always do this routine with them.
Several of our ideas came from a wonderful talk that our Stake President gave. He traveled a lot for his job... even out of the country. But, no matter where he was he'd call home for their family devotional each day.