Friday, May 30, 2008

Bright Idea: Repurposing Artwork

Our Art display wall was getting full.
Not that I mind, it's quite nice to have some color on the walls. But I thought it was time to start switching out some of the older pieces. I'm not a mother who has to save every scrap of artwork, and I've explained to the 4 year old Monet in Training that when we get rid of older artwork we make room to put up new masterpieces. That way he doesn't get his feelings hurt when most of it eventually winds up in the trash. But before tossing them out, why not repurpose them--you know, find a new use for it before it goes to landfill heaven. After a bit of web research, and a dash of my own creativity, I have made a short list of projects to give new life to those lovely works of art.

Lacing Cards
Connecting Cards
Puffy Hearts
Paper Chains: regular or no-staple
Wrapping Paper
Postcards/Note cards
Place mats

I do save some creations that are particularly representative of his progress or interests at the time. And as for ways to preserve those keepsakes, well, there are dozens, probably hundreds of ideas. No time to share them all, but here is a particularly cool (and incredibly expensive!) one:

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