Monday, July 21, 2008

Theme of the week Challenge: BALLS

When I was thinking of what to make this weeks challenge about the first thing that came to mind was BALLS! Lets face it what little kid doesn't love Balls! You can do so much with them from games to crafts! Balls can teach little ones fine motor skills to gross motor skills! I think every home has at least 1 ball right?? I know my house has so many it seems like they multiply overnight! What are some of the things you do with balls?

We play games like 4 square, soccer or just throwing the ball! Babies can roll the ball or even roll on big exercise balls, toddlers can kick and throw them, schoolagers can play all kinds of fun games! Then there is crafts; you can marble paint with ping pong balls and golf balls, splatter paint with tennis balls! So lets see how many new and unique ideas people can come up with this week!

This week we will be water bowling, and soccer, we might make squishy balls plus we will do some marble painting and splatter painting! What are you going to do?? I can't wait to see what neat ideas there are.


Peterson Party said...

This is our first week participating in the weekly challenge. We are enjoying it so much and looking forward to future weeks!

Candy Cook said...

I found the site today, and hadn't had an activity involving balls this week. But, will check Monday for the new challenge of next week. Looks like fun.