Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Storytelling Cans

I came across a new idea for storytelling and couldn't wait to try it out: A Nesting Story. At Preschool Rainbow (half way down the page) Sandy G. calls it "Storytelling Cans". The idea is to take several cans in various sizes, put contact paper around the outside, and then use clip art or copies of flannel board stories to put around the outside of the can. I was particularly attracted to the statement, "This is an indestructible way for the children to be able to retell stories and songs on their own." Hmm, I doubt indestructible, but certainly sturdy enough to last a while. I changed a few details (plastic cylinders, stickers on construction paper, a backwards set-up) and successfully made my own set of Nemo Nesting Cans.

My Storyteller inspected the cans very closely and was all too happy to tell the story himself when Daddy came home. Hope the enjoyment doesn't wear off when it isn't new anymore. But when it does I'll just make different labels for the cans.

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