Friday, May 23, 2008

Bright Idea: Bracelets of Power

I have no bright ideas. Creativity does not flow through my veins at all. But I do recognize a Bright Idea when I hear or see one. So this week I'm showing you something I saw on Scribbit's blog. She calls them Bracelets of Power, and I completely agree - your kids will love you and think you have superpowers (as I type this Superwhy is on in the background talking about superpowers. Maybe that is why that word came to my mind).

Lest anyone think I am plagiarizing or trying to steal ideas, I'm not going to copy and paste her blog post into this blog. I'm just going to tell you to click here to check out how cool these bracelets are for yourself. Girls will love them because they are pretty, and boys will love them because they are fun to put together (and they are very good for kids' fine motor skills too). Score! Thanks Michelle from Scribbit!


Scribbit said...

Well thanks for mentioning me--glad you liked the idea. It kept my kids busy for at least a full hour and you can't put a price tag on that kind of thing :)

Deneal said...

I wish I had the supplies for this! It really looks know the kind of fun where I want to keep doing the activity way past when my son is done with it.