Friday, May 16, 2008


Okay, I have to admit this theme was a bit of a toughie. I didn't know quite what to do, and I had a little too much fun finding cute Mommyfest blogs to do much searching online. Thankfully, something spontaneous happened that really taught my kids about smiling and feeling happy.

First of all, I explained how smiling requires fewer muscles than frowning, so technically it is easier to smile. We also sang the "If you chance to meet a frown" song. But it's what happened yesterday afternoon that took the cake.

My boys and I were going to meet their dad for lunch at his office on campus. The parking lot is a 10 minute walk away from his office; we always enjoy the walk. Today, my 5 year old wanted to wear his Batman costume to show it off to his dad. You see, he got a cape for his birthday. Then yesterday morning at Super Wal-Mart we found a Batman mask that, in itself, put a giant smile on his face. So he wanted to show it off to his dad. Who am I to tell him he can't wear it to see his dad? So we walked the 10 minute walk on a college campus with E. looking like this:
Every person who walked by smiled. Some laughed. One woman said, "Hey Batman!" He was so proud. We talked about how his costume made so many people smile, and how he helped make their day. He felt happy when he made people smile, and we feel good inside when we feel happy. So he understood a little better about emotions, and how what he does affects others. It was a good lesson!

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