Friday, June 20, 2008

Bright Idea: Magic Pictures

For today's bright idea, I will refer you to Ice Cream Diary, where she found a cool "new" (to me) invention on using the white crayon in the box. Click here to check it out. She's such a good writer, and this is a brilliant way to use the "broken" crayon in the box.

As for the food ideas this week, thank you to all of you who have participated! I personally have loved everything you have shared, and look forward to implementing them in our home. I can add that my kids will eat just about anything when it is dipped in something. For example, my boys love artichoke because it is dipped in butter. My 3 year old won't touch asparagus UNLESS he has a little bowl of hollandaise sauce to dip it in. Even unconventional things work; for example, my 3 year old likes apple dipped in ranch dressing. So, if your kids have a bit of a hard time eating veggies, ask them if they would like ketchup or ranch dressing or some other yummy condiment on the side.

Also, my kids don't like cooked carrots, but if I put butter and a little brown sugar on them, that will usually convince them that they are good enough to eat. And, I have a friend whose children will only eat the Gerber Graduates cooked carrots. Apparently, when she cooks and cuts them up her kids can tell the difference and they ONLY want Gerber Graduates. And they are 5 and 3 years old! So, I guess the trick is to play around with food and figure out what your kids will eat. Good luck to everyone, and please share if you have additional ideas!

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Desta said...

The Z-girl is the sauce queen. She likes to dip her chicken nuggets in "white sauce" - ranch - and then in "dark sauce" - bbq. Gross. Oh well. I've got some great ideas this week too from everyone. Yesterday I arranged some green beans in a circle and then told the Z-girl to eat her circle and she totally went for it. I felt so smart. Nothing too elaborate, obviously, but I guess it's a good start.