Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Midweek Pick Me Up

I realized over the last couple of weeks that I have been thinking things like this: "Wow, Deneal does such fun activities with her child. And he doesn't even watch any TV." "Staci always has such fun projects going on with her kids. They get so many opportunities to create neat things." "Deborah is such a fun person. I know she's a fun mom too." "Jenni has an infinite amount of patience as a mother." I noticed that all of these thoughts had an undercurrent of, "I'm just a big ball of stress right now with the upcoming move. I'm ignoring my children way too frequently. They are fighting more often and I'm sure it's my fault." Then I had a lightbulb moment:

When we compare ourselves with others, we're comparing the best they have to offer with the worst we have to offer.

It's useless to compare ourselves with others. If something must be done, evaluate yourself. And if you are going to evaluate yourself, recognize your strengths in addition to your weaknesses. Yes, we're moving, so it's okay to be stressed out. It will get better. And I read to my children, sometimes for an hour. And I make paper airplanes all of the time, even though I don't like to! Our kids love and appreciate us for the things we do for and with them.


rachelle said...

true true. comparing yourself is not a fun game! i love your observationa that it is your worst to their best. that is so true! rock on with the motivation!

Megan & Jon said...

What a delight this was to hear. Because I love LLL but read it alot and thing. Ohhh Meg you need to do better. And I amazed that amazing Erin could feel this way so I feel better that we all do it.

Definatly a pick me up --for me. Thank you

Deneal said...

Thanks for the compliment, I confidently join the ranks of imperfect mothers. What you don't see behind the photos and the posts is me ordering my child around to get the perfect shot and then ignoring him while I try to come up with coherent text. And I am guilty too of wishing I had another mom's talent for this or that. Boy oh boy do I! It was a great epiphany you had Erin, thanks for sharing it.

Jamie said...

You know, it is not easy to be honest with ourselves and even harder to admit it to ourselves. Reality kicks in more when you can be honest and be able to do something with that honesty.

hope that wasn't too vague of a thought...

I appreciate the thoughts and ideas on this blog. Keep them coming!