Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pretend Play: Cardboard Airplanes

I'm so excited about the pretend play theme! My kids are spontaneously very good at this. We have a plethora of moving boxes right now, and my kids wanted to turn a couple of the boxes into airplanes. My husband took a Sharpie marker and started drawing on them.

Here is the airplane. Each "wing" has an engine. The back flap has a tail. Look inside and you can see a steering wheel. To the right on the inside is a drawn walkie-talkie. But the dashboard is the coolest.
My husband starting asking my kids what other "buttons" they would like on their control panel. I'll list, in the words of my 5 year old, what some of these buttons are: the birthday cake button, just in case if you have a birthday on the plane; a pizza button, for if you want to eat pizza; a present button, just in case we have a birthday too; a cereal button with a bowl and spoon and milk button if you want that; a hot dog button just in case if you want a hot dog; the big star button for going super super fast; the little star button is for going super super slow; a worm bed button just in case you have a pet worm; and a bed button for us to sleep on; a binoculars button, for looking far away, just in case if you didn't bring any; a key and a keyhole; and a balloon button, for if you have a birthday; and don't forget a gas tank and the speed thing that tells you how very fast you are going. And don't forget the air behind the engine, to show that it is going fast.
Here are my boys sitting in their planes, talking into the pretend walkie-talkies in their hands. They push each button to make magic happen (I have eaten so many cakes, pizzas and hot dogs today). They have spent at least two hours out of the last 24 hours in these boxes. Amazing, and so much fun!


Tyra said...

Cardboard boxes are seriously one of the Greatest toys for imagination, and most of the time they are FREE. We love them st our house :)

Deneal said...

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! I want to fly on their airplane and get a birthday cake. Your boys are so absolutely creative, I remember when they made a shoe store out of your living room. So imaginative!

LorY said...

Any ideas on how to make a submarine out of a cardboard box. I am doing an under the sea theme with my nursery kids and I have a huge box waiting to be used as a submarine. Please help!!!