Sunday, August 31, 2008


Have you ever noticed how this time of year is perfect for change? School starts again, the days shorten and the weathers gets cooler, and often family routines get reevaluated and updated. It's a great time to start over in so many areas of life.

Well, here at Laugh, Learn, Love we decided to make a few changes as well. When Erin and I started the LLL blog we had envisioned a place for moms to pool all their knowledge, experience and ideas together into one large resource site. Unfortunately, the overwhelming excess of comments and contributions just didn't materialize. We know you are both too busy and too shy; so we made a few changes that will hopefully make it easier for you to participate, while lessening our workload just a bit.

Instead of weekly themes, we will have a Theme of the Month. We'll still give some thoughts and idea starters to get you going, but rather than a few days to prepare and post your activities you have a whole month to work on it. You can easily comment or add to Mister Linky in a post that will remain at the top of the blog the entire month.

The other big change, our posts are going to cut down to once a week. Our first priorities are spending time with our children after all, plus fewer posts will give you incentive to help generate additional ideas on the blog. We've combined some of your ideas with our own brainstorming to work out a different schedule. Here is what the new lineup will look like:

Week One: Introduction to the new Theme of the Month. You already know how this one works. It will take the place of Monday's Theme of the Week posts.

Week Two: In-Depth Reflections. This is where we will take one aspect of the theme and pick it apart in more detail. You might get some personal stories and experiences thrown in with reactions to research articles and studies. Parental musings, a good quote, and perhaps even a little bit of advice thrown in there too. We'd love to get some additional insights and opinions from you during this week. It's the perfect place to get an informal discussion group going where thoughts and observations from parents in varying circumstances could be shared freely.

Week Three:
Children's Book Club. We all love recommendations for new books to read with our kids. We'll start the ball rolling with a couple book suggestions that blend with the monthly theme plus possible activities you can do in conjunction with the books. Then all of you
get to chime in with your wonderful book ideas.

Week Four:
Odds 'n Ends. Unlike the other weeks, this post won't necessarily go with the Theme of the Month. It's a place where we can share with you all the wonderful crafts, games, activities, etc. that we have found on the internet during the month. You never know what will turn up in our internet treasure chest for that month.

So that is what we have planned. Again, we want participation from as many parents as possible. The more contributers we have, the more ways we can learn to be better moms and dads. Don't worry about not having the best or most creative ideas, we need everyone's input to be successful. We love growing and improving right along with all of you! Jump in and join the fun.


teachingtinytots said...
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Christian said...

I am looking forward to the changes, and I think someday soon your site will be OVERFLOWING with comments and ideas. You gals have a great thing going here!

Anonymous said...

I have never been to your blog before. I came by from Teaching Tiny Tots bog. I am so excited to give these things a try!