Monday, December 29, 2008

Au Revoir

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of those old posts Erin dug out for this month. She did a great job selecting favorites. It reminded me of how much time and love we have put into this little blog over the past several months. I for one can attest to the fact that researching and writing up these posts have helped me become a better mom, and for that I am so grateful. Anything I can do to make my mothering skills more effective and enjoyable ranks high on my priority list. Hopefully all you wonderful readers have also reaped some benefits as you checked in from time to time. That was our original goal after all--mothers strengthening each other in our role as the primary nurturer to our children.

We have come to a decision that admittedly was very difficult. Even after the changes we made in September, we feel Laugh, Learn, Love needs a little vacation. I know, I know, we had our break in December with the re-postings. The thing is, we have to consider what is best for our families and ourselves, and right now they need our full attention and energy. (Did I mention I'm half way through 7 different moves in a 9 month period this year, oh, and I'm presently 6 months pregnant?) Unfortunately, LLL temporarily gets the cold shoulder. Don't worry though, we look at it as a perfect time to test out new projects and activities on our own, grow our stockpile of great links, and prepare for a better blog in the future. We can't say exactly how long LLL will be on hiatus, but it will probably be several months at the least. We encourage you to add us to your Google Reader list if you haven't already. That way you will know if we are back in the posting business. Untill then, enjoy what we and other mothers have contributed to this blog over the past year and keep finding ways to lovingly nurture your children every day.

Thanks so much for all you have given us. We'll see you soon.

Deneal and Erin


Brooke said...

Well done, you two. I have found many of the activities very enriching to my children. Thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

have fun and post when ever! you were one of the first blogs i found!

Anonymous said...

i also enjoyed guest posting for your guys too!

Doty Family said...

Enjoy a well deserved break! Thanks for sharing all that you have.

LizzyP said...

You girls did great. I have to laugh though, because just last night I thought about getting into my routine with Joshua again--yes,we've been out of it for two months. So I came on this morning to find your farewell post. Boy Voyage to you--I hope you have a nice vacation.

Bee said...

I just discovered your BLOG and I LOVE it. I'm a mother of 3 small children and find I get caught up in the mundane things (laundry, cleaning house, preparing meals) of mothering. But I have found such joy in reading your ideas and enjoyed your "midweek pick me up" thoughts.
I understand your decision and need to stop contributing to this Blog. I am sad but excited for the jump start it has given me to enjoy each day with my children in an exciting way where where we get to laugh, have fun and learn!
Thank you!

susette said...

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