Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here are some kid-sized suggestions for this classic game.

You know the basic rules: act out a word or phrase for the other players to guess without saying a word. By involving your kids in the creation of this game, playing it will become even more fun for them. Find a category that your child will enjoy, then together brainstorm 5-10 different charade ideas. Cut out magazine pictures/photos you took together, find stickers, or draw pictures to represent the words or phrases you chose and glue them to some 3x5 cards. Toss them in a bag to draw out one at a time and you are ready to go!

This game can be as easy or as hard as you need. Use the time together while you are making the cards to discuss the different topics. Casually teach and reinforce. Also talk about how they can act out the different words and phrases you have chosen. Try to ask them for ideas more than telling them how to do it. This challenges their memory and creativity while setting them up for success during the game. It is great for their confidence.

Possible Themes:
Animals: pretty basic, but you can change it up by grouping animals by their environment/country/continent (jungle, desert, oceans, Africa, Arctic, etc.). Also you can group by specific animal classes: mammals, reptiles, insects.
Sports: you can do all the normal ones (football, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, running) or turn it into a cultural learning opportunity and introduce things like rugby, cricket and netball as well.
Clothes: shirt, shoes, hat, pants, bathing suit, socks, gloves, scarf, etc. (This is a great intro to teaching about weather and seasons)
Favorite Books/Movies: They love to incorporate what they enjoy into all areas of life.
Emotions: happy, sad, shy, tired, hungry, thirsty, excited, reverent, playful, etc. (This can be a time to discuss how they act when they feel a certain way and how to treat others who feel that way)
Places: home, school, church, park, beach, grandma's house, etc. (a perfect opportunity to use photos you have taken in different locations)
Holidays: Easter, 4th July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. A great time to talk about family traditions, but definitely a harder category for kids to act out.
Alphabet: why not? Let your child bend themselves into the shape of the letter--remember that it will look backwards to you when they do it.
Scripture Stories/Characters: This might be for older kiddos who can recall the different stories on their own. It's a perfect way to mix religion into your day-to-day activities and review those principles you want your kids to master.
Chores/Daily Activities: set the table, make bed, sweep, wake up, eat breakfast, etc. Putting work in a different setting makes it more fun to do and reinforces family responsibilities.
Grab Bag: you got it, make a random collection of words from several categories.

Have some fun with these and share your experiences with us.

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