Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun organizer. Liv and I made these today and I thought it would be perfect for traveling, diaper bags, church, doctors offices ect.

These organizers can be found at Walmart (cheap cheap) We mod podged some paper on the top, because everything is cuter with alittle mod podge.

Then fill it up. I didn't want to do all treats because I didn't want to scrape them off the car windows later but you can if that appeals to you.

I did letters and colors in mine because that is currently what we are working on. I also thought I would mod podge colored paper on the bottoms so she can sort by color, letters, numbers ect. Whatever appeals to you, I found some fun things in the birthday section that fit perfectly (little card games, bracelets and string, silly putty ect)

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Erin said...

Those are really cute Megan! I assume as long as you use enough Mod Podge your kids won't try to peel the paper off of the top?? (Or maybe that is just a boy thing) :)