Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fragrant Flower Match and Thumb Print Flowers

Fragrant Flower Matching

Supplies: paper muffin cups (all colors), cotton balls, construction paper, glue, variety of fragrances


1. take a muffin cup and flatten it (You can also cut slits or small triangles in it, but we forgot to until the end)

2. glue a second muffin cup in the center of the first one

3. make some stems on your construction paper (we used green straws, but you could also cut green construction paper, use pipe cleaners, paint Popsicle sticks or simply paint a green stem on the paper)

4. glue your flowers on/above the stems

5. choose a few different fragrances (we used perfume, after shave, and vanilla flavoring. Other ideas: lemon, mint, cinnamon, etc.). Put each scent on two cotton balls and glue them to the center of your flowers when they are dry.

6. You can do smelling matching game using the flowers. See if your child, or you, can put the flowers in their correct pairs. It helps to make a mark on the back of the papers as you attach the cotton balls to help you remember which ones go together. We matched our cotton balls together before gluing them on.

Thumb Print Flower Counters

Supplies: finger paint, paper to paint on, pen


1. Using their thumbs, your children can create a colorful garden full of petals to count. One thumb print for the center and a different color thumb print for the petals. We used index fingers for extra ease.2. After their garden has dried, together you can number the petals on each flower and/or number the flowers in their garden. As you can see this didn't quite work for us since my busy artist chooses to follow his own creative instructions. Ah well, he had fun.

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