Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Helping the Environment

Hello all,

This is my first ever blog-posting, so bear with my lack of know-how! This may seem like an ironic posting given that "no tv week" is coming up. . . but my 3 year old and my 4 year old and I rented the movie about the baby polar bears (forgive my mommy brain for not remembering the exact title). We rented the movie thinking it would be full of small, fuzzy, and cute baby polar bears. . . .it was but mostly it was a movie about global warming and what is happening to the artic environment. At the end of the film they had children giving suggestions on how to help these sweet baby animals and their rapidly changing environment. One of the suggestions that shocked me was taking a 2 min. shorter shower. That if all of us adults committed to that, how much water could be saved. 2 min. ! I thought, "hey, even I can do that!" There are so many very small ways we can live a little "greener" and help our children learn that their actions can have a very large impact on the planet. (*note: the movie was insightful, documetary-like. . . however there were several parts we had to skip. . . .lots of animals eating other animals. So, it might be a tad scary for really young children. . . but otherwise great learning!) Jenn


Deneal said...

Thanks for posting Jen. I'm so glad your movie sparked conversation with the kiddos. Too bad there was bear gore...I think that would be my little hunter's favorite part. Yikes!

I was thinking about your two minute shorter shower and wondered how I would know if I was shortening it or not. I decided to time my shower today and then in the future set my timer for two minutes shorter. That way I hear when I should be getting out. Easy!

Erin said...

Something else they do in France (at least with the two families I visited) is turn off the water while they wash their hair and bodies. A little cold maybe, but now that it's getting warmer it is feasible. And it conserves water!