Monday, May 26, 2008

Car Riding Idea

I know I'm late for this but I thought of it while camping this weekend so I'm posting it now. Sorry it isn't going along with the weeks theme.

My parents used to do the "temple game" when they went to the temple. Each hour we had an envelope with a time written on it on when it was to be opened. Inside was a place where a treat or activity was hidden. This would get us so excited to see them go to the temple. So I thought not take it on the road. You could expedia places along the way and have packages to open at specific places or just do it with times to pass the time and get the motivated for the next location ect. (The packages could include things to use on the road and entertained them for the next hour or however long) Ideas for the packages could be coloring books, magnets,stickers, tape (basically all the ideas that were posted on the blog)..

Might help pass the time.. HAPPY TRAVELS.


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