Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family Time

It's been a sick week in our house, so we haven't been too enthusiastic about projects. However, here are some things we hope to accomplish over the weekend.

These ideas are adapted from those listed on this page, at FYI, there are plenty of fun activity ideas under several different headings listed in the Family Home Evening section. Go see for yourself.

1. Family Scavenger Hunt: rather than send the list out to all the family members (as suggested), I'll have the little one call/video/chat with various members of the family to find his answers.

2. Interview Family Members: have A. ask what the most important/interesting thing to happen this year has been. Then we'll compare everyone's answers and see if it overlaps.

3. Mother's Day Video Cards (not on we video, then post up on Vimeo and send the link to the grandmas back in the states.

My choice in activities reflects the fact that we are so far away from ANY member of our family right now. I suppose I could have focused more on "families" rather than our specific family, but I feel it is so important to keep the relationships strong despite the distance.

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Erin said...

Really cute ideas; thanks for sharing! I'm sorry your family is sick. The family that is sick together stays together!