Friday, May 2, 2008

Homemade Book

Alright, alright the names are goofy. Luckily my audience of one assured me in all seriousness that it was not a silly book. That was good for my ego, and a smart move on his part if he wants any more homemade books!

My favorite page:His favorite page: Doesn't every children's book have a moral:
This thumb print method is really quite easy, especially for those of us who don't naturally draw too well. Just color your thumb with marker, stamp it on the pages, then fill in with some simple feet, hands, and facial expressions. Then add some personalized text.

Oh for the actual construction of the book I cut several pages of paper in half lengthwise then folded them in half. I poked three holes in the crease of the center page using a safety pin. Then with some bright embroidery thread I stitched it together. (Looking at the center page I stitched in the center hole, out the top, in the center, out the bottom. Repeated, then tied it off. If that is too confusing try going here for step by step directions.)
Outside: Inside Center:
This is the second book I've made for Mr. A here in Fiji and I think I'd like to make several more. I can personalize them to his interests, experiences, and reading level while investing less than an hour of my time. Plus it's another way to show him he is important to me.

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