Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Club: 5 Senses

Book: The Gingerbread Man. You can use any version of this classic tale, it should be fairly easy to get your hands on one.
Activity: Make gingerbread cookies. Talk about the smells and tastes of the ingredients by themselves and then what they become when you combine and bake them. While you are waiting for them to cook, make a gingerbread scratch 'n sniff card (Education World). Instructions: Color a gingerbread man, cover his tummy with glue, and sprinkle on some powdered ginger and cinnamon spices. When it dries it will be a lovely scratch 'n sniff card.

Book: Cha-Cha-Chimps by Julia Durango. This is a favorite read in our house, sure to get everyone dancing and prancing around the room. In short, it is a fun story about ten chimps that sneak out to dance at Mambo Jamba's along with a variety of other jungle animals.
Activity: As you read this book focus on the sense of hearing. Talk about, or quiz your child on the different sounds each animal makes. Then talk about the sounds of the singing and music that is going on in the club (it helps if you sing or at least chant the text). After reading the book together make your own band with some homemade instruments and dance through the house like jungle animals.
Need some instrument ideas? Try these:

Now lets hear what you have done using books to help your little ones learn about their five senses. Feel free to add to this month's mister linky or make a comment here. If you do add your link, try to use the specific post link rather than your general blog link so later visitors don't have to scroll through more recent posts to find it. If you have already linked one of your posts and have more ideas, feel free to add the new one(s) to our list as well!

Andy by the way, have you looked at the links we have so far this month? Such wonderful ideas, I love it!

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Desta said...

We just read "Mr Brown can Moo, Can You?" this morning and that is a fun one for sounds. My favorite "feely" books for little ones are anything in the "That's Not My ______" line from Usborne.