Sunday, September 28, 2008

September Theme of the Month: 5 Senses
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Professional Mommy said...

Some ideas I have are:

Touch: (Feely Bag):Basically children put their hand in the bag and try to guess what it is from feeling.

Touch and Vision: (Shaving Creme writing): Shaving creme writing: I put a mound of shaving cream on each tray and let the children smooth the shaving cream all over the cookie sheet. They love the feeling of the shaving cream (be sure to tell the children not to touch their face or put mouth with their hands once they have shaving cream on them) and I let them free play with it for a while.

Touch: Make a touch board: Basically you glue 5 different grades of sandpaper onto a piece of paper. It could also be sandpaper letters.

I love your site.

Erin said...

Seriously awesome ideas. Thank you!

Adrienne said...

We always like that cinnamon play-do. It is good for smell and touch. It is one part applesauce and one part cinnamon. Mix it together and you have a fun dough. This is the stuff you can dry and make those christmas ornaments.

LizzyP said...

I'm still here--just slow on the upload part of my life! By the way, I could seriously do ten posts on tasting chocolate--I'm controlling myself.

Alicia said...

I just found your blog the other day and had fun joining in with my kids. They had a blast with the unit we came up with-- working the 5 senses into an ocean theme. Great site!

Erin said...

I invited some preschool-age kids from our neighborhood over a couple of days ago and did the taste/smell things you suggested on the first post. They didn't like the lemon, but they loved the crunchy Wheat Thins and, of course, the sugar!

Desta said...

For Family Home Evening last night I found a cute little activity poem that the Z-girl just ate up. Now she asks to play the "little finger game" over and over. Here is the link: My Wonderful Senses

Memmott Family said...


I was wondering if you could help me.. I have been trying to find file folder game,s and I have some from when I was little like in 7th grade. LIke Elmer and ELlie elephant, and three billy goats gruff.. They can be used to teach and learn colors ETC>. I have looked on, but maybe you can further help me

plus maybe we can find some downloads to put here for others a great thing for church..